Website Launch

From Road Traffic to Web Traffic - We are ready for the journey.

Website Launch

A key priority for Dare Utilities this year has been the design and publishing of a brand new website. We wanted the website to reflect the pride and passion we put into all aspects of our operational field work. A sharp finish and a positive customer experience.  

Customer service is always at the forefront of what we do. From conducting onsite meetings with customers and clients, informing residents of upcoming work in a timely manner, or solving customer enquiries and providing solutions.

A brief outline of our website displays a ‘Home page’, which reveals an explanation of the services we provide, and a very brief snapshot of the type of projects we complete. Further along you will find the key management figures who operate the company, before reading a few testimonies from our highly valued clientele.

The ‘About’ page can then be found next along the header, which gives a detailed description of the two businesses and how they operate.

The ‘News’ page is where you can keep up to date with recent projects, milestones, events and general news surrounding the company (just like the one you are reading now).

The ‘Projects’ page showcases a variety of projects we have completed, listing photos, basic descriptions and key points that are fundamental to the completion of the work we carry out.

The final tab includes a link to our unique reinstatement portal named ‘DROP’. This is our new system, designed for clients to easily assign reinstatement requests straight onto our reinstatement schedule. Through use of this portal, clients are able to track their requests from start to finish.  

Website Launch
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