Dare Utilities Ltd are a forward-thinking reinstatement contractor successfully undertaking reinstatement term contracts in both Devon and Cornwall. Our primary contracts are within the utility sector on behalf of clients such as Kier Utilities, who currently undertake term contracts with partners such as Western Power Distribution and South West Water.

We undertake backfill/muck away, tarmac reinstatement and masonry reinstatement (in all forms). In addition to the standard trench and pit work undertaken from our hotbox’s, our scope of works can also include large-scale re-surfacing, and surfacing works using planers and pavers. In addition to our term contracts we are also a trusted supplier to many other clients such as Glanville Cleansing, Jurassic Fibre and IPS Power to name but a few.

As a forward-thinking business, we have created a reinstatement portal called DROP (Dare Reinstatement Operations Portal). This enables our clients to assign reinstatement requests straight on to our reinstatement schedule. This will be time/date stamped and will provide our clients with a live and transparent process throughout, enabling our clients to track their reinstatement requests from start to finish.


Dare Utility Services Ltd is a provider of trained and competent teams into the fresh water industry. We work alongside Kier Utilities and South West Water undertaking the repair and maintenance of our potable water infrastructure within the South West.   

We are involved in everything from the replacement and installation of a simple stop tap and 25mm water service, to the replacement and installation of small-and large-scale by-passes, bulk-meters, Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV’S) and small and a large diameter potable water main.  

We have steadily grown this part of our business over the last few years and will continue to do so to enable us to fulfil the ongoing demand for this service.

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