Environmental Statement

We recognize our responsibility to help protect the planet. Dare Utilities Ltd and Dare Utility Services Ltd are committed to working in a way that minimizes our environmental impact, and supporting those who are working to improve their sustainability. Although it is unlikely that our industry will ever be carbon neutral, we aim to reduce our carbon emissions as far as possible.

To do this we will:

• Optimise our resource and raw material usage. Through accurate planning and work allocation we will realise the benefits in a reduction in raw material usage, a reduction in waste and recycling and a reduction in carbon emissions from collection and disposal.

• Reduce our vehicle generated carbon emissions. We will maintain our fleet in accordance with manufacturers guidelines and industry best practice, replacing older fleet vehicles with newer technologies as and when required. We will also plan our works to reduce the number of miles travelled and therefore our carbon emissions. We will educate drivers to operate vehicles in the least environmentally damaging ways, i.e., no excessive idling, harsh driving styles etc.

• Reduce our office-based carbon footprint. We have introduced energy efficient equipment, had building systems linked to timed or temperature controllers and PIR sensors are installed in common areas of our building. Our next phase is looking to increase our use of renewable energy sources.

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